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                                   OUR HISTORY

Kuruvachalil kalari was established about seven hundred years ago. So many talented personalities both in Ayurveda
And kalari belongs to this ancient family.  The fame and name of brilliant kalari masters spread even out of the state.  Late  Bhasakara paniker  son of Late kunji Koru paniker was one of the legend in kalari the traditional
Martial art of kerala.Once he got a chance to medically treat for the arthritis of  Tamil nadu M.P  .C. N Annadurai
Anna was completely satisfied and cured under the treatment of Bhaskarapaniker.

Kumutham magazine and dinathanthi reported it in 1964

We have a rich history of 700 years old kalarippayattu and ayurveda Marma treatment
Kuruvachalil kalari sangham performed kalari and Marma treatment in
several part of India. Even the former prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru
 and madras chief Minister C.N .Annadurai were amazed when happened
to see our performance.  Our masters of olden times Kuruvachalil Omana
panicker , Kunjikkoru panicker,Korukkutty panicker,Bhaskara panicker
achieved many prizes and  certificate of honor in kalari and ayurveda.


Back pain that prolonged years, joint pain, knee pain. Pain due to accident etc,
Are treated by us. Many people relived from pain, Experienced persons were
countless . 7-14-21 days longed uzhichilpodikkizhi, ilakkizhi, sukhachikithsa
 Existed here now.

It is a kind of ayurveda therapy best for all kind of body Pain. In this method whole body massaged with certain kind of medicinal oils,thaila and kuzhambu. We do this entirely different from other kalaris with both hands and legs in 100% traditional ways. Face and neck massaging with using leg is our specialty .when face massaging with legs if the patient closed his eyes he can only feel like it is gentle rubbing with hands ,that is the perfection of our method.


We give much importance  ankathari. Even before the British conquer of India ,when the  reign of Samuthiri kings Keezhariyur was under the rule of Naduvaazhi. Kuruvachalil kalari masters were their teachers.
Teaching Kalari and prepare them for the battle is done by us.      Special Branch of Kadathanadan kalari named tholppuram including ponthi and paricha (two weapons )is the way we are following.


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